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Chapters must submit a New Member Initiation Report to the National Office. The electronic form can be found below. Before completing the form please download and fill the excel file titled New Member Initiation Template (found under the resource tab of the website). In order to fill out the template you will need to the names, email addresses, and sorority affiliation of each new member. Save the template and upload the file into the electronic form. 


A $20 new member fee (per member) is added to the cost of new member certificates and can be purchased online. 

The Rho Lambda Store allows for the option to pay the $20 new member fee (per member) online using a credit/debit card immediately upon submission of the "New Member Initiation Report". Or, the local chapter may elect to pay by mailing a physical check to the National Office. 

New Member Initiation Fees must be placed via our website. New Member Initiation Fees that are received via mail without an online order will not be accepted. 


The National Office recommends chapters collect this $20 fee from their new members, and then remit payment to the National Office with one lump sum check or one online payment. If the local chapter elects to pay by check, the National Office will still mail out new member certificates and record the new members upon the submission of the electronic form, instead of waiting to receive the physical payment.


If you wish to receive new member certificates prior to the initiation ceremony, the National Office recommends submitting the New Member Report at least ten business days prior to the ceremony. If your chapter has just welcomed a new group of initiates, the instructions are below.

At any step in the process, please feel free to reach out to the National Staff for help or if you have questions by emailing


Local chapters are permitted to decide how to conduct the selection of the founding class. The National Office recommends creating a nomination form (a sample one is provided that may be edited) and then opening up nominations to the Greek community and university administration. Then, the primary advisor and greek council president (or student leading the chartering process) may choose the founding class from those nominations.


Again, local chapters may choose a better method that better suits the community. The tapping and initiation rituals for the first semester can be conducted by the primary advisor and the greek council president (or student leading the chartering process). After the first founding class is initiated, an executive board may be elected to govern the local chapter who may then start planning a more formal selection process, establish chapter by-laws, etc.

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